Magneto Commerce B2B – 5 key tools


In today’s world, everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of digital retail or e-commerce, if you will. However, most people associate it with a business-to-business transaction. While this serves as the foundation of the industry, the truth is that there is much more to do. We mean that e-commerce is not just for businesses so they can sell directly to customers. There is a bottom line that aims to serve the company now. On that note, greet the B2B e-commerce business; for beginners, this part of digital commerce deals exclusively with business-to-business transactions. This means that one company offers its products, services, and other offers to another company and not to the average end consumer.

The value of B2B e-commerce is estimated to be at least six times higher than the value of traditional B2C e-commerce. Even more fascinating is that experts believe this number will grow steadily and at a commendable rate soon. This awareness is directly focused on industry and is forcing more and more companies to participate. However, despite its many attractions and very lucrative growth potential, one should not just dive into the end of the industry first. First, you need to make sure you choose the right platform to successfully achieve your goals. And since Magneto is one of the most popular solutions out there, we felt we were going to make a list of some of the essential B2B features of Magneto Commerce. It will help you make the most of its potential and build a path to success in B2B e-commerce.

Fast ordering: The world is changing fast at any time, so people rightly want things done quickly too. With B2B e-commerce, the Magneto instant order form can guarantee this. It does this by compressing the ordering process into just a few clicks if the party knows the product names or product numbers of the products to be ordered. This increases both payment time and conversion rates.
Shared Lists: To help sellers get the most out of digital commerce, Magneto B2B allows them to create shared lists, i. e. lists with customized prices for different companies. In summary, it is possible to create a personal list with different prices depending on the business account looking at the record.
Corporate Accounts: To enable personalized service and transparent background processes, Magneto B2B corporate accounts are a great feature as they allow companies to create and manage accounts not only from the control panel but also from the presentation control panel. This means that users can request permission to open a Company account. Once approved, the administrator can configure both structures and users with different permissions.
Request List: Another feature aims to enable a fast and seamless experience for business customers. It allows shoppers to add products to create lists of frequently ordered products and then add the products directly to the cart as needed. Think of it like the wish lists you see on most eCommerce platforms. The only difference is that it is still on the list even after they have been added to the cart.
B2B Quotes Another advanced offer to provide a high-end shopping experience, this offers authorized users the opportunity to negotiate prices. Besides, it records all received offers, messages, etc. to ensure the transparency of the process.
As you can see, the features mentioned above can provide a distinctive experience for B2B customers. So when you start your custom Magneto development project, make sure these and other features that are important to your business needs end up in your digital store.

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